How to Keep Your Thanksgiving Party at Just the Right Temperature

If you’re the host for this year’s Thanksgiving party, let’s make sure home comfort doesn’t take a backseat. It’s important to guests!

Your trusted heating experts at Mechanical Man are here with a “cornucopia” of tips to ensure your guests stay cozy, but not too hot in your house, either.

Tip 1: Make people your “fan”

A Thanksgiving party is the perfect time to set your ceiling fans into action. Flip those fan switches and ensure smooth air circulation without putting your heating or cooling system into overdrive. This simple step will help you avoid those frustrating hot and cold pockets that can otherwise plague indoor gatherings.

Tip 2: Chill the kitchen heat

With a bustling kitchen preparing scrumptious dishes, the temperature can quickly climb. Offset the kitchen’s heat by lowering your thermostat by a mere 5-10 degrees. Your guests will remain comfortable, and your furnace won’t be working up a sweat.

Tip 3: Give your furnace some help

Strategically place box fans near doorways to assist in whisking away the warm kitchen air. By employing this clever tactic, you’ll lend a hand to your HVAC system as it diligently clears the air of those mouthwatering, albeit occasionally overpowering, culinary scents. And this tip gets rid of hot spots, too.

Tip 4: A breath of fresh air

Don’t overlook the importance of changing your air filter ahead of the festivities. A fresh filter not only prevents dust from circulating but also alleviates strain on your furnace. Install a new filter before the Thanksgiving party kicks off, and your furnace will be happy.

Tip 5: Clean your vents

Dusty vents can disrupt proper airflow and put unnecessary strain on your HVAC system. Equip yourself with a vacuum and hose, like a Shop-Vac, to thoroughly cleanse those vents, as far down as you can.

Tip 6: Close the door

With guests flowing in and out throughout the day, valuable cooled or heated air may make a sneaky escape. Remind your guests to minimize trips and swiftly close the door behind them. This simple measure will help you maintain the desired temperature indoors while saving energy.

Tip 7: An inspection from Mechanical Man

Before you dive headfirst into Thanksgiving preparations, schedule a pre-holiday system inspection with Mechanical Man. Our experts will meticulously check your ducts, electrical and ignition systems, thermostat, drains, filters, and more, AND conduct a deep cleaning if you are part of our maintenance plan.

This Thanksgiving, as you give thanks for the cherished people and moments in your life, take a moment to appreciate your home comfort system as well. Reach out to Mechanical Man to schedule a furnace inspection or do any needed repairs. Contact us online or call us at (574) 301-5748!

Wishing you a joyful and heartwarming Turkey Day, folks!

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