How to Have Good Luck With Your Heating and Cooling System!

You may think system maintenance doesn’t have much to do with luck or leprechauns. But really simple DIY checks and habits can help “make your own luck.”

How? By catching small issues before they become big (and expensive!) problems. So read below for some easy ways to help your heating and cooling system work perfectly this St. Paddy’s Day and beyond!

First, take a minute once a month to change or clean the filter. Dust and dirt buildup put extra strain on your heating and cooling system, reducing its effectiveness. But simply swapping that filter helps it breathe easier. Just be sure you’re inserting it in the proper direction based on the arrows. Taking 60 seconds for that quick check helps your system’s workload, efficiency, and lifespan.

Need help choosing a filter? Visit our online store or give us a call (574) 301-5748, and one of our comfort specialists will answer any questions or discuss regular maintenance plan options.

While you’re checking that filter, listen closely to how the system sounds when it kicks on. Catching weird new vibrations early before they escalate into cracked coils or blown motors can save you big-time. If you hear odd noises like squeaking, grinding, or buzzing, unlucky you – something’s amiss! Time for Mechanical Man to inspect and diagnose your heating or cooling system.

Here’s one other DIY check that will really bring an “Irish jig” to your furnace – regularly cleaning your home’s vents (no need to get too deep) and making sure they’re not blocked. Blockages disrupt ventilation and oxygen supply, creating performance issues. So take out any obstructions you see to let your heating and cooling system breathe easy! Did you know that Mechanical Man does Indoor Air Quality Service?

See? No four-leaf clovers required! Just occasional simple observation of your equipment and some minor preventative care. Think of it as do-it-yourself good karma for your heating and cooling system.

Of course, for actual repairs, tune-ups, or replacements, you’ll still want a licensed pro you can trust. But consider these DIY tips your start for good luck. Doing these small things to check on your equipment can yield huge rewards in performance, efficiency, money savings, and equipment longevity. Have questions or need service? Contact us online or give us a call at (574) 301-5748.

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