Time to Turn on the AC…How to Save BIG BUCKS Doing It!

It’s time to retire the furnace and dust off the AC. If you’re dreading a spike in electric bills, don’t worry – our techs have some tips!

1. Thermostat tip

One way to save lots of money is to keep your thermostat around 78°F in summer – IF you are willing to deal with that of course!

2. Spin those fans

Ceiling fans are a classic way to maximize cold air distribution in your home, while not spending any more money. Effective placement and use of fans makes a remarkably cool difference!

3. Natural shade

Also, using blinds, curtains and tinted films are an easy way to block heat in your home from sunlight.

4. Time to vent

From shower humidity to cooking dinners, be mindful of heat and moisture generation. Run bathroom fans, crack windows open, and avoid using heat-producing appliances during the hottest times of day. Every bit of heat relief for your system equals money in the bank.

5. Insulate your home

Seal any gaps or cracks allowing chilled air to escape and hot outdoor air to seep in. Doors, windows, outlets, and ductwork should be tightly sealed. Beef up inadequate attic and exterior wall insulation if needed. Impeding unwanted airflow makes your AC run smoother and less often.

6. Clear up last-minute issues

Make sure your AC is ready for action! Clear away any debris or leaves surrounding the external condenser. Then replace the air filter to allow for unobstructed airflow. Get a tune-up from Mechanical Man to make sure everything’s in good shape.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to chill out in the comfort of your own home while keeping more green in your wallet. And Mechanical Man is more than happy to help you do that. Contact us online or give us a call at (574) 301-5748.

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