Air Purification

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Everyone wants to have clean, fresh air to breathe, indoors and out. However, the air isn’t always quite as clean as you may think. The federal Environmental Protection Agency has reported indoor air pollution may be an even bigger health risk than outdoor pollution sources. Fortunately, you can take steps to breathe easier and feel better with help from Mechanical Man’s indoor air quality experts. We have many options for removing contaminants and unpleasant odors from your home’s air.

For example, the Mechanical Man team recommends the industry’s only duct-mounted air purification process that effectively reduces both the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde that can lurk in your home’s indoor air. The Dust Free® Carbon Air Purifier is a 100% ozone-free system that uses a combination of carbon and germicidal UV-C light technology to purify the air and surfaces in your home’s heating and cooling system. In addition to protecting your family from VOCs and formaldehyde, this innovative technology reduces biological growth, bacteria and odors.

That’s just one of the many options our team can recommend for your home, depending upon its unique characteristics and your concerns… and it’s just one more reason people throughout our area have trusted Mechanical Man to keep their homes safe and comfortable since 1997!

No matter what problems you’re having with your air quality, Mechanical Man offers comprehensive Indoor Air Quality services with skilled IAQ technicians. Call us at (574) 301-5748 to schedule your air quality service.

Air Purification Protects Your Family’s Comfort & Health

Does anyone in your home deal with asthma, allergies or other respiratory problems? If so, their conditions may be aggravated by airborne contaminants and irritants you can’t see. The clean-air experts from Mechanical Man can help by installing an air purification system that will:

  • Reduce airborne contaminants
    The right air purification system can clean 99% of surface contaminants from your air and eliminate up to 90% of airborne contaminants.
  • Eliminate unpleasant odors
    Even the cleanest homeowners have to deal with nasty smells from cooking, smokers, household chemicals, pets, or other sources. Air purification can dramatically reduce odors like these.
  • Capture allergy-related particles
    Allergy symptoms may be aggravated by mold, pollen, or other pollutants. We install advanced systems that thoroughly capture and eliminate many types of irritating particles.
  • Protect your HVAC system
    One reason Mechanical Man believes in air purification systems is that they trap dirt, dust, and other debris before they get caught in your heater or air conditioner. Keeping your HVAC system clear can lower your bills and extend your system’s lifespan by years.
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