Are Space Heaters Safe to Use This Holiday Season?

When Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose, it’s only natural to want to crank up the heat. But be careful.

Some heating methods like space heaters can actually be dangerous if used improperly.

Let’s review some tips and safer alternatives for staying warm this winter!

First up – space heaters. These little machines can be a frostbite-fighting lifesaver for quickly warming up cold rooms and offices. But take note: space heaters account for a whopping 43% of U.S. house fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Yikes! Be sure to choose a newer heater with auto shut-off features if tipped over. Place on flat, non-flammable surfaces at least 3 feet from other objects. Never leave unattended or sleep with one on.

How about an electric blanket? Cozying up under one feels oh so sweet. But again, serious safety precautions are a must. Don’t tuck an electric blanket under other blankets or furnishings which can cause overheating. Never fold or bunch one when in use – this creates hot spots that can scorch or even ignite. Unplug and fully cool before storage to prevent fire hazards.

Let’s talk fireplaces next. Regular maintenance like chimney sweeping and ash removal are absolute musts for safe operation. Burn only seasoned wood, never trash or cardboard which can spark flare-ups. Use fire screens and keep children and pets away from the flames. Be sure the flue is open before lighting and never leave a fire unattended.

Finally, we come to kerosene heaters. These can help take the edge off in a power outage but require extreme care. Never use indoors or while sleeping due to the serious health risks of fumes. Fuel outdoors only and let cool before refueling. Also, keep at least 3 feet from flammable objects.

Whew, that’s a lot to keep in mind, right? Makes you want to leave these “supplemental” heating methods behind and call in the big guns – your home’s furnace.

A well-maintained furnace or heat pump provides total home heating that’s safe, comfortable, convenient, and energy-efficient. We can design a system tailored to your needs with high-tech safety features.

This way, no fumbling with the portable stuff is required to stay cozy! Reach out to Mechanical Man to schedule a furnace inspection or do any needed repairs. Contact us online or call us at (574) 301-5748!

Stay warm out there this winter – safely, of course!

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