How Long Will My HVAC Install Take?

It’s a common question among homeowners preparing to make this significant investment: how long does installing a new HVAC system take?

What to Consider

The average timeframe, in most scenarios, is typically two days. However, various factors can extend or reduce this time:

The type of system being installed matters. Central A/Cs, heat pumps, and ductless mini-splits (those last two less common in Indiana) each have their own set of challenges and may need more or less time accordingly.

Also, the condition and setup of your existing system can affect the timeline. If your previous setup needs significant modifications or updates, that can add a few hours to the process – for example, if your existing ductwork has a lot of problems.

And then, every home is unique, and your home’s structural features can play a role too. Installing ductwork in a small home with an open layout might be a relatively quick job, whereas, in a larger home with multiple stories and a complex layout, the task might require more time.

So, what happens during these estimated two days of installation?

Let’s break it down:

Preparation: The technicians begin by preparing the area for installation. This may involve removing the old system if it exists, setting up necessary safety measures, and making room for the new equipment.

Equipment installation: The team then proceeds with the installation of your heating or cooling system. This includes placing the indoor and outdoor units, installing ductwork if necessary, and setting up any additional components like thermostats or zoning controls.

Testing and commissioning: Once the system is installed, it’s not a wrap until it’s thoroughly tested to ensure everything operates as expected. This final step may include checking the refrigerant levels in a cooling system, testing the furnace flame in a heating system, and verifying that all controls work correctly.

Although the timeframe for heating and cooling system installation can vary, you want a company that does the job right. That’s where Mechanical Man comes in. Serving the Goshen and Elkhart areas, we’re committed to providing top-quality work, ensuring that your system is installed correctly and efficiently, and maximizing your home’s comfort and your system’s lifespan. Trust us; when it comes to HVAC, there’s no one better!

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