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A reliable furnace is vital for counteracting the cold of Northern Indiana winters.  At Mechanical Man, we offer the highest in quality and efficiency to our customers.  But we also know that having a great product is not quite enough.  So we also offer professional installation and maintenance services for complete peace of mind.


A furnace systems basic components are:

  • The heat exchanger, where heat produced from the burning gas is transferred to the air distribution system.
  • A burner, through which gas (natural or propane) or oil is delivered and burned.
  • Ductwork to transfer the heated air throughout the home.
  • A flue or vent pipe, to exhaust byproducts of combustion (such as water vapor and carbon dioxide) to the outside.


The efficiency of a furnace is rated using a percent of AFUE. A gas furnace uses natural gas, although some models can be converted to utilize propane. An oil furnace uses heating oil. An electricity source is required to run the control systems, blower and some accessories.


High Efficiency Heat Pumps

Heat pumps offer four-season comfort in one stylish unit. They cool your home like an air conditioner in summer, and warm it in the winter like a furnace.


Affinity18 SEER Split System Heat Pumps

 alternative heating source through high efficiency heat pump

Key Features:

  • Up to 18 SEER efficiency
  • 7 designer colors to complement your home's exterior
  • Durable, powder-painted steel to withstand the elements
  • Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant R-410A (R410A)
  • York QuietDrive System for quieter operation and energy efficiency


Compressor - 10 Years
Other parts - 5 Years


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